Welcome to ESComm Sales

Our Company

We are enhancing and developing the IT industry to maximize networking and data capacity.

Our mission at ESComm Sales is to bring value to the IT Networking retail consumer.  ESComm Sales has been bringing top quality OEM and 3rd Party equipment to IT Professionals for over 24 years.  When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, ESComm Sales wanted to provide value to all of its customers and IT Professionals making technology, data capacity and networking parts to be accessible to everyone.

ESComm Sales purchases the same MSA spec, OEM quality optical transceivers as any router, switch, or server manufacturer, sometimes even from the same manufacturer as the OEM. Brute Networks optics meet the highest quality standards in firmware, packet integrity, laser strength, and discrete hardware.

Welcome to ESComm Sales

Our Culture

Our father and grandfather have served the technology and more specifically, the networking and telecom industry for over 50 years. We are looking to continue their legacy of customer service and hard work to provide quality, affordable, network components to the marketplace.

– Austin & Thomas Kayworth

Austin Kayworth

President at ESComm Sales​

Thomas Kayworth

Vice President at ESComm Sales