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  • COMPACT AND POWERFUL 2×2 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi 6, up to 1.49 Gbps data rate, optimized power consumption
  • IOT-READY: Embedded IoT radios enabling BLE 5.0 and Zigbee, custom IoT app hosting with Docker-style containers
  • DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS: Two form factors to choose from. Ceiling mount for best coverage (C9105AXI) and wall mount for ease of install and expanding wired connections (C9105AXW)
  • PEACE OF MIND: 90 day software and limited lifetime hardware warranty
  • USB (USB-C) FTDI FT232R chip + RS232 Level Shifter.
  • Supports hardware flow control used to implement the CISCO break sequence.
  • RJ-45 DTE Pinouts RTS(1), DTR(2), TXD (3), GND(4), GND(5), RXD (6), DSR(7), CTS(8)
  • Cable length is 1.80m (6 feet) USB (USB-C) compatible sold specifically for use with Cisco routers or switches. The pin-out may not match other devices as there is no standard for pin connections or levels for RS-232 on RJ45 8 pin modular connectors.